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Flexible Training Options

Public Schedule
Our public open course schedule with a mix of half-day, one and two day events is an ideal solution for many training needs. It is often easier to plan people out of the office one at a time to fit around your work flow. Delegates also gain exposure to new ideas and ways of doing things through working with people from other backgrounds. However these courses are not the only way – we have many flexible solutions to match your training needs.

In-House Groups
All our courses can be brought in-house to your group and will be very effective run immediately ‘off the shelf’. However they can be customised through using your examples and material or totally created to meet a specific need. You can find most topics on our Course List.  If you can’t find the subject you want, please do ask, we are always creating new ones. For four or more delegates an in-house approach makes perfect sense. Such a group can focus intensely on their issues and you will achieve consistency of message, style or action with the additional benefit of team bonding.

One-To-One Coaching
Coaching is a great way to help an individual deal with a range of challenges that are particular to them. A coach will help the delegate think their issues through, draw up their own solutions and encourage them to work on a plan for change. Short face-to-face sessions, regular meetings and telephone support can all be part of the programme. You can use this method for individuals facing a difficult challenge or making an important career change, for example. Coaching is also very appropriate for those at senior level when it is critical to keep on track and be at peak performance.

Lunch & Learn or Breakfast Byte
Sometimes short and snappy is the order of the day. An update, refresher or an intensive attack on a key topic with lunch or breakfast provided is a good way to focus a group’s attention and motivate them. If you are always busy and can’t afford the time to let people out for a whole day, then this is a good option. It works for large groups as a once-off session on a burning topic or as a series of regular sessions throughout the year. Choose from any topics on our Course List or suggest your own.





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