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Polishing Performance 

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could find practical yet inspiring business training courses or personal development training which made people skip back to the office eager to try out their new skills?

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to see your team enthusiastically polishing their performance and excited about their success?

And wouldn’t it be fantastic to know that every penny you spent on their development was a genuine bankable investment, helping you in retaining your best talent, meeting this year’s objective and building business?

Well you are in the right place.

Professional and practical business training courses combined with fresh new approaches are our specialty. There are 101 excellent reasons to invest in training your staff but the main one is that your people’s performance matters. In the current climate it matters a great deal…and the good news is that it matters to us too.

With GBC Learning you will discover an action-packed programme of public open courses covering communication skills, personal development and management development programmes. Courses such as time management, presentation training, negotiation skills, customer service training, sales skills development, project management courses and a whole range of other essential work topics are included. These are key skills that save you time and money, give you confidence in abundance and help your team grasp opportunities.

To guard against the basic mistakes that may lead your customers and contacts to think you are less than capable - or downright careless - you will also find a really useful range of writing, speaking and English courses. These particular topics are critical when responding by email, writing a proposal or giving a presentation. English Grammar, Better Business Writing, Report Writing, Email Best Practice and even speaking and elocution are included. These key skills give you the assurance to communicate with confidence, clarity and credibility.

All are available as public open courses (link) and you will find many more subjects on our List of Courses that can be run just for your in-house groups.

We are determined your delegates will have a wonderful and valuable experience with us. However, in the rare event you should hear discontent, just call and we will honour our No Quibble Guarantee – a free course or your money back!




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